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TriStar Emulsion

A water based decorative paint used on walls. It has a flat (matte) finish when dried, and could be used on both interior and exterior surfaces.

Both the superior and premium classes of our emulsion paint are fortified with dry film protection against fungi and algae.

TriStar Gloss

This is a solvent based paint that gives glossy finish when dried. Due to the solvent content of this paint, it gives a little odour which gradually goes away after a few days. Gloss paint is easy to clean once dried.

We produce two finishes of this paint: gloss and the high gloss. Our TriStar gloss is lead free, and suitable for use on non-porous surfaces like metals and woods for beautification and protection because of its water repelling quality.

TriStar Wall Satin

A water based emulsion that has an elegant sheen or satin (gloss) finish, and excellent coverage. It is used only on interior surfaces and suitable for high traffic areas because of its washability without losing its glossy finish. It is fast drying and odourless, and has excellent film protection against fungi and algae.

TriStar Textured

This is a water based decorative paint with fine sand to give a flat textured finish. It is a heavy paint applied with special paint rollers. It can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces.

It is well reputed for its high durability and covering of little imperfections on walls which would have been further exposed if ordinary emulsion were used. Textured paint can be applied to give different patterns depending on the type of rollers.

TriStar Vinyl Matt

This is a specially formulated water based paint that has a matt finish. It is made to withstand harsh effects of weathering which ordinary emulsion cannot stand for long. It has an excellent coverage with a more pleasant flat finish. It is suitable for both interior and exterior surfaces.

TriStar Industrial/Marine/Heavy Protective Coatings

These are solvent based coatings engineered specifically for their protective and functional properties. They are used for corrosion control of steel, metals, and concrete. We have various types of protective coatings including, but not limited to alkyd systems, epoxy systems, chlorinated rubber systems, bituminous coatings, aluminium coatings, roof coatings and many more.

We also have auto refinishes and wood finishes as part of our products lines.

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